We can serve you free pick up and collect your goods from multiple suppliers from these most popular markets below:

  • Khaosan road market
  • Chatuchak weekend market
  • China town, Sampeng market


In order to satisfy your needs and be more comfortable and convenient, we can also provide you pick-up service for other areas by actual transportation cost will be charged :

  • Bobae market
  • Pratunam market
  • Platinum shopping mall
  • Palladium shopping mall
  • Other areas that's possible (Priority within Bangkok and vicinity)



  • We can pick up your goods to our branch.
  • We can collect and consolidate all merchandises from various suppliers to any branch of us to send them at one shipment time.
  • For business foreign customer, we can manage your goods from your suppliers on behalf of you while you’re not in Thailand.
Packing Service

Quite simply once a customer entrusts their business to us. We treat it as it is our own belonging. Or we can say when your business is in our hand, our professional team is ready to assist you and find the best possible method of packing to reduce risk of accidental damage whilst your shipment is on the way in transit. 

  • We pack your goods in suitable form of box.
  • We pack your goods in strong protection in order to avoid breaking and damage.
  • We offer you free boxes in different sizes including OPP tape but something extra needed such as bubble wrap, foam or metal box may be charged more.


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