MADD Company Limited

Established in 1999, we are a small Thai company located in Bangkok. We started a courier service business as a courier reseller, providing air express door-to-door delivery for documents and parcels from Thailand to overseas via UPS and DHL services.
Our business policy is “Being Good in Business,” which means we prioritize Heart-Service, Trustworthiness, Sincerity, and Promise-keeping to achieve business success.
Our main objective is to create long-term business relationships and develop mutual trust with our clients. We focus on providing our best services for maximum customer satisfaction.
Our Services Are Suitable For:
• Individuals or commercial entities in Thailand who want to send parcels overseas.
• SME companies involved in import and export (wholesale and retail) businesses.
• Foreign businessmen from overseas who frequently visit Thailand to purchase various Thai products and send them to sell in their home countries.
Shipments are handled by DHL & UPS, renowned global shipping leaders.
Ensuring Maximum Customer Satisfaction: Our dedicated and seasoned team consistently delivers outcomes that leave customers delighted.
Financial Integrity: Our finances are in good shape and you can count on us for conducting business.

• Global Shipping Service Experts

• More Than 20 Years of Experience

• Low Rates