Shipping Expert for SME

We’ve been serving retail customers and small businesses for more than 20 years. Our highly skilled team, boasting extensive experience, has consistently earned the trust and confidence of both local Thai customers and international business partners. This is exemplified by the fact that our very first customer continues to rely on our services to this day.

Personalized Shipping Solutions for Individual Shippers

Top-Rated Courier Service Tailored for Individual Shippers. We specialize in providing guidance and support to individuals seeking to send packages overseas at the most economical shipping rates.


Our services are perfect for:

1. Aspiring home-based entrepreneurs looking to purchase and dispatch Thai products, including handicrafts, home decor, fashion jewelry, clothing, bags, gifts, accessories, and more to global customers.
2. Relocating individuals in need of a reliable means to ship their personal belongings when moving to a new country.
3. Travelers exploring Thailand and wishing to conveniently send souvenirs back home to cherish those unforgettable moments.

Shipment Management for E-commerce Excellence

We’re here to help you with a straightforward solution for shipping and collecting products from Thailand. No matter where you are or what you’re dealing with, our services are designed to support you.

• We’ll take care of the entire shipping process in Thailand, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.
• Our team will work closely with your Thai suppliers to gather and pack all your items from different sources. Then, we’ll send them from Thailand to your location.
• Rest assured, we’ll keep a close eye on your shipment and handle any issues that may come up. Our priority is to ensure your items reach you safely and on time.
• Our aim is to save you time and money. We’re here to make things easier and more convenient for you during this difficult time.
• Plus, there are no management fees involved. We want to lessen any financial burden you might be facing.

Low-Cost Parcel Delivery

Discover the advantage of our unbeatable shipping rates and ongoing, budget-conscious sale promotions, all designed with our customers’ savings in mind.
We offer the lowest shipping rates and always have special sale promotions, purposefully designed to help customers save on their budgets.

Excellence in Service through Teamwork

We focus on service quality through teamwork to maximize customer satisfaction.

• Our customer service team possesses a great service-oriented mindset, displaying enthusiasm, friendliness, and helpfulness, while also understanding customer needs.
• They are proficient in communicating in Thai, English, and Japanese.

Easy & Convenient Drop off Point

Discover our easy and convenient drop-off locations within the Bangkok area, where you can collect your product and ship your package. We have 5 service outlets available in Bangkok, providing you with ample options for dropping off your goods. Our commitment is to collect, consolidate, and send shipments at your request.


Here are the locations:

• Khaosan Road (Banglampoo)
• China Town, Yaowarach (Sampeng Market)
• Pratunam Market (Palladium World Shopping)
• Chatuchak Weekend Market
• Ladprao 94 (Town in Town)
Feel free to drop off all your goods at any of our locations for your convenience. We will take care of the collection process and ensure the smooth shipment of your items.

Trustworthy Commitment

With a track record of trustworthy service dating back to 1999, we conduct our business with utmost integrity, ensuring honesty and fairness in all our dealings.

• Transparency: We guarantee transparency, with no hidden charges or ambiguous costs in our business.

Special Connection

Facilitating Smooth Overseas Purchases from Bangkok’s Top Markets

We have a good relationship with wholesale market suppliers and manufacturers listed below. For customers who buy various items from these markets and need them sent overseas, we can help manage your buying process here to ensure your business runs smoothly

Fast & Cheap International Shipping.
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